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          Equity & Inclusion

  • I believe we cannot solve the widening inequality gap unless we acknowledge race and gender.

  • I have been longtime supporter of LGBTQ rights and issues

  • I support Black city employees and union members who are fighting against workplace discrimination and biased hiring and promotion policies. Their advocacy helped create the new Office of Equity and I look forwards to the work they will embark on in the next few years.

  • I was part of the working group for Prop N which gives all parents a VOICE.  San Francisco residents of legal voting age and who are parents. legal guardians or caregivers for children in San Francisco Unified School District now have the right to vote in elections for the Board of Education.  



          Criminal Justice Reform 

  • I supported the work of the Young Women's Freedom Center and Supervisor Walton to highlight the traumatic experiences of San Francisco youth and their families at Juvenile Hall. I look forwards to seeing all aspects of local, state and federal government come together with the community to re-envision and shape what rehabilitation of our most vulnerable youth. We have decades of studies which show the best way to prevent crime is to provide resources and education to those who need it most and I am proud to see SF move forwards to shaping future leaders instead of preparing them to be career criminals.  


  • After having coffee with Chesa Boudin, I chose to support him as my #1 for DA and Suzy Loftus for #2.  Although I felt Suzy did an amazing job while serving on the Police Commission to fight against tasers and force the SFPD to start making progress on over 200 Department of Justice recommendations, I believe that we do need a DA who will take a more humane approach when making decisions about charging policies for the Department. This is important not just for those who commit crimes but also for victims. I believe that the money we save from locking up low-level offenders can be better spent on rehabilitation and expanding the services and resources we can offer victims.  We need stronger protections and more resources for individuals who have experienced domestic abuse and rape. Chesa also talked about support services for children of those who commit crimes and how we have a responsibility to consider the impact our criminal justice system has on their mental health as well.  

  • I know all police are not bad but there are some who are. I believe that we should be building stronger coalitions to promote community policing and find ways to invest in making SF affordable for those who work in law enforcement so that they can build personal ties with the community and a greater investment in keeping our neighborhoods safe. It is a fact that cops are less likely to over criminalize or have biases against persons whom they have regular contact with outside of their occupation.

  • There has been a lot of discussion about states giving formerly incarcerated persons the right to vote however, I have yet to hear anyone talking a lot about how we encourage voter registration and civic participation amongst this demographic. With California being one of the largest carceral states for the War on Drugs we should be leading the way in this. I pledge to work with my fellow DCCC member to ensure that those who have been most negatively impacted by the War on Drugs have a seat at the table in our party. Their stories must be told by themselves and not proxies and their lived experiences are valuable to shaping future criminal justice reform policies.  



          Addressing Economic Inequalities

  • I support equal pay for women and know that we must make a larger investment towards providing quality and affordable childcare for families who are proud of their careers and need support.

  • I support expanding our workforce development programs throughout SF. We have a growing elderly population who are unemployed and need more services to connect them with meaningful work that pays a living wage. 2

  • For too long our party has been focused only on corporations and we have totally abandoned advocating for the needs of our small BUSINESSES. I pledge to work with DCCC to pass a "Shop Local" resolution that will lower taxes and reinvigorate shopping along our neighborhood commercial corridors. 

  • Affordable and reliable public transportation is one of the top issues facing residents in AD17.


  • I believe in the transformative power of education. All children regardless of where they live or socioeconomic status deserve a quality education. Public schools should provide each student with culturally appropriate K-12 curriculum. I support the expansion of ethnic studies and services for 

  • I was part of a small group of parents who pushed to add translation services in school site meetings.

  • Teachers and paraprofessionals deserve to be paid a living wage. 

  • I support the expansion of affordable early childhood education centers 



  • I believe the housing challenges we face today cannot be solved by using the same failed policies of the past. We must commit to develop a robust regional approach that leverages local, state and federal resources to build affordable housing for all. Right now individuals making below 40% AMI are often left out of the affordable housing debate and persons living on fixed income cannot even afford Below Market Rate units.  We need all of our thought leaders at the table to find creative solutions to build affordable housing quickly. There are too many homeless neighbors relying on us to collaborate and help them in this time of need. 

  • I supported Prop F but was very upset that very low-income San Franciscans were left out of the legislation.  Currently, legal services for the most marginalized people in society are limited and this contributes to evictions and rampant housing discrimination. 

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